Atheist Pick Up Lines

On this page you will find a collection of the best Atheist Pick Up Lines to use when approaching someone new. There is a stigma around Pick Up Lines and its effectiveness. But given the right circumstances they can prove quite effective and land you that phone number.

Atheist Pick Up Lines

I know you’re an atheist, but I can make you scream God.

Are you a deity? Because you look unreal.

Wanna re-create the Big Bang?

Hey there, have you been touched by the great noodly appendage?

Jesus may not come a second time, but I sure can!

I may not go to church, but I have an organ for you.

Did it hurt when you were ripped from the cold bosom of oblivion and given conscious thought?

Wanna prove immaculate conception wrong?

Naturally, I’d select you over anyone else.

Let me show you there is a God.

Skeptical about my abilities in bed? Don’t worry I can provide tons of proof.

I know I’m an atheist but, GOD DAMN you’re gorgeous!

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