Bowling Pick Up Lines

If you ever see someone cute at a bowling alley, take a look at our list of Bowling Pick Up Lines and make the first move. You are surely going to hit a Strike.

Bowling Pick Up Lines

Is your name Strike? Because you’re a perfect 10!

I think it’s time we ditched these gutter balls and got out of here, what do you say?

I live by one motto: Strikes in the streets, splits in the sheets.

Are you a 300 game? Cause you’re perfect!

You know what else has three holes?

Are you a 7-10 split? Because I’d love to pick you up.

I’d sure like to pin you down.

Baby, you’re incredi-bowl.

Are you a bowler? Because you’re right up my alley!

Excuse me, miss. I just wanted to strike up a conversation.

Forgive my forwardness. My mind’s been in the gutter all night long.

Are you a pinsetter? Because you just swept me off my feet.

Let’s never split!

My lanes are freshly waxed, if you know what I mean.

You’ve got a great rack there.

Let’s talk turkey: When I look at you, my thoughts are all XXX.

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