Economics, Finance, Banking Pick Up Lines

On this list you will find some of the best Economics, Finance, Banking Pick Up Lines to use when approaching someone new. There is a stigma surrounding the effectiveness of Pick Up Lines, when used appropriately and with a bit of luck you might just land that phone number.

Economics, Finance Pick Up Lines

I hope interest rates are low, because I want to invest my time in you.

Are your legs available for some open market operations?

I’m not like other guys. I’d never withdraw my deposits without at least offering a wraparound.

Lets play a game where going out with me is the dominant strategy

How can I lower your barriers to entry?

Your presence is one big positive externality

You have a boyfriend? That’s ok. My girlfriend and I are into credit-swapping

You’re my very favorite kind of moral hazard.

Are you the fed, because I want you to manage my inflation.

I couldn’t help but notice your monetary base. Do you let a guy get to M3 on a first date?

I think you and me would have great potential output

Hey, let’s talk about our private goods.

Now those are some tangible assets!

You make my demand curve go inelastic

Your price definitely equals my marginal benefit

Babe, I’m like a natural monopoly. I’m big enough to supply the entire market.

If I were the inelastic side of the market, I’d want you to be the excess burden of tax, so you could fall heavily upon me.

I can assure you: There’s no adverse to this selection.

C’mon, it’s getting late, and we both know I’m your lender of last resort

You’re an economist. I’m an economist. How about a little horizontal integration?

You have some fine new resources, because you made my PP curve expand.

I’ll reveal my preferences if you will.

I have a feeling you really understand the “nature of the firm.”

Want to go prove the law of diminishing utility is incorrect?

Girl, let me supply your demand, ’cause I love the way you shift those curves.

I know Im not “A” and Im not “C”, because I know were meant to “B”

I wish I could be your derivative so that I could lie tangent to your curves

You’ve got the curves to supply my demand!

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