Fortnite Pick Up Lines

On this page you will find some of the best Fortnite inspired Pick Up Lines to use when approaching your gamer crush. There is a stigma with pickup lines that says that they don’t work. But sometimes with the right way of saying it and situation you can surely land a phone number.

Fortnite Pick Up Lines

I’m gonna take u to pleasant park and shove my shifty shaft inside your dusty depot.

Is your name Mire? Because I’m making you Moisty.

I’d jump off a floating bus for you.

Wanna feel my shifty shaft?

Have you ever been sprayed by a mini gun?

Want me to Grease up your Grove tonight?

Did you come from Tilted Towers? because I would Tilt you over!

If you were a chest, I would loot you.

I promise I ain’t no double-pump chump

I just survived TItled Towers, so I’m totally looted up right now

I want my shifty shaft to visit your moisty mire

Did you come from the lodge? Because I wouldn’t make you lonely.

Call Me Cupid Cause I Just Landed a Crossbow Shot to your Heart.

My health is low and I have no shield and no weapon. The only cure is for me to chug on those jugs of yours and for you to give me a little pump action.

If we were the last 2 people on earth, I’d throw a boogie bomb down so we can dance together forever.

You turned my pants into a Moisty Mire.

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