Gay, Lesbian and Homosexual Pick Up Lines

Here you will find a list of high quality Gay, Lesbian and Homo Pick Up Lines to help you break the ice with your same sex crush. Maybe one of this Pick Up Lines will land you a phone number.

Homosexual Pick Up Lines

When I’m around you I can’t think straight.

Do you mind if I push in your stool?

Nice butt! What time does it open?

I’ve never seen such a huge bulge in a man’s pants… wait a minute, yes I have – mine!

Are you a burger, because you can be the meat between my buns!

F**k me if I’m wrong, but isn’t your name Easy-Bottom?

I’m so GLAAD to have met you!

You know, being bi-sexual immediately doubles your chances for getting a date on a Saturday night.

Les-bi-honest… you were checking me out, weren’t you?

It’s a good thing same-sex marriage is legal here, because I’m already planning our wedding.

If you and I were the last men on earth, I bet we could do it in public.

Did you know that my dong is an 8.0 on the rectal scale?

May I stick a banana in your tailpipe?

Are you balding, because you sure do SHINE.

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