Goth and Emo Pick Up Lines

On this page you will find some of the best Goth and Emo Pick Up Lines to use when approaching someone new. There is a stigma around Pick Up Lines and its effectiveness. But given the right circumstances they can prove quite effective and land you that phone number.

Goth and Emo Pick Up Lines

That’s a fabulous black corset and it goes great with those boots, but they would both look better on my bedroom floor.

I’m a necrophiliac… How well do you play dead?

Is that blood, or wine that your having?

If you were a drug, I would overdose!

I’m a vampire, and I’d like to make my feelings for you immortal

Would you please come home with me and tie me up…

So, are you a satanist?

I’m a vampire, but only on alternate Wednesdays.

You remind me of my dead ex-girlfriend.

You’ve stolen my heart away. Luckily, I’ve got another three or four in the freezer.

I’d like to tie you to a rafter and bang you up and down.

Hi, I wanted to get your name before one of us dies.

What’s your favorite Baudelaire poem?

Wow. That outfit must make a lot of noise in the dryer

That’s a nice neck – mind if I bite it?


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