League of Legends Pick Up Lines

Here you will find a list of the best League of Legends Pick Up Lines to use when first approaching a gamer. There is a stigma with pickup lines that says that they don’t work. But sometimes with the right way of saying it and situation you can surely land a phone number.

League of Legends Pick Up Lines

Hey girl, you don’t require 1600g for my Needlessly Large Rod.

You don’t need to press ‘E’ to charm me.

Is your name Janna? Because you blow me away.

Is your name Rammus? Because you rolled right into my life.

Will you carry me?

Hey honey, regardless of the possibility that you deny me, I’ll pursue you like I carelessly pursue singed’s smelly ass.

You like diamonds, right? Well, I’m diamond in League of Legends.

I don’t recollect much from my past in any case, I do recall that you are in it.

Are you a minion because I can cs together.

Hey babe, wanna return to my base and look at my Needlessly Large Rod?

You know what’s the difference between me and u? You can’t milk these.

You are so beautiful I can’t look away; unless of course, you see me, then I turn invisible.

Hey young lady, you can call me the Last Whisperer, since I’m here for a great deal of Physical Penetration.

Hey baby, if being hot and sexy was a crime, I’d need to call Sherif Caitlyn because you’re guilty as charged.

You should be accustomed to taking souls, since you’re completely stacked.

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