Lord of the Rings Pick Up Lines

If you know someone who loves LotR and what to break the ice open you will find a list below with the best Lord of the Rings Pick Up Lines to use.

Lord of the Rings Pick Up Lines

Your beauty has pierced my heart like a Morgul Blade.

I last longer than Boromir.

I wanna go inside your hobbit hole.

The fires of Mount Doom aren’t nearly as hot as you are.

I’ll put a ring on it!

Hey baby, wanna blow my Horn of Gondor?

I’ll take your Hobbit to my Isengard.

Are you the ring? ‘Cause I’ve got my eye on you.

I’d like to have an Inn at your prancing pony.

Are you an Orc? ‘Cause baby, you’re making my Sting glow.

I erupt like Mount Doom for you, baby!

Girl, you’re like a Balrog – smokin’ hot!

Baby, I’ll make you scream like the Nazgul.

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