Mario Pick Up Lines

If the other person you are trying to hook up with is a retro game fan, then they most certainly know Super Mario Bros.. Here is a list of the best Mario Pick Up Lines to break the ice with the Princess.

Super Mario Bros. Pick Up Lines

If I had the choice, I’d spend my 100 coins on you instead of on an extra life.

If Princess Toadstool looked anything like you, I would have killed Bowser years ago!

I’d rather ride you than Yoshi any day.

Are you a magic feather? Because my heart just grew a tail, and flew away.

I know how Mario must feel, ’cause I really want to clean your pipes.

Are you a magic mushroom? Because you are making me grow.

Are you a magic flower? Because you are burning me up.

You don’t have to turn on a game to play with me.

They don’t call me Super for nothing.

If you were a warp tube, I’d be in you all day.

Mario is red. Sonic is blue. Press start to join and be my player 2.

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