Minecraft Pick Up Lines

On this page you will find the best Minecraft inspired Pick Up Lines to use when approaching your gamer crush. There is a stigma with pickup lines that says that they don’t work. But sometimes with the right way of saying it and situation you can surely land a phone number.

Minecraft Pick Up Lines

Do you have a Diamond Pickaxe? Because I’m as hard as Obsidian.

You must be made of bonemeal, cause you make me grow 10 feet tall.

I’d like to fertilize your crops with my bonemeal.

Are you a slimeball? Cause you make my piston sticky If you were ore, I’d mine you all night long!

You must be ice, because I’ve been waiting to pick you up for a long time.

You must be a redstone torch, because you’re extending my piston!

Are you a lever? Because you turn me on.

You must be from nether, because you are out of this world.

Are you a torch? Because you light up my world.

You must be a pressure plate, because you turn me on.

Are you a pig? Because I wanna ride you.

Is that a creeper in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

I’m like a zombie and you’re like the sun – you light me on fire!

I must be gravel, because I’m falling for you.

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