Olympic Games, Olympics Pick Up Lines

On this page you will find some of the best Olympic Games, Olympics Pick Up Lines to use when approaching someone new.  There is a stigma around Pick Up Lines and its effectiveness. But given the right circumstances they can prove quite effective and land you that phone number.

Olympic Games, Olympics Pick Up Lines

My gold medal might be shiny, but it looks like a dull penny compared to that sparkle in your eyes.

Let’s make like the Olympic rings and hook up later.

Hey girl, I’d swim up to 800 meters for your love.

Do you like water polo? Because you look like you like to get down and dirty in the water

Are you a skiing event, cause I would travel cross-country for you!

Don’t worry ladies. I only come first once every 4 years.

Man, you have to be a swimmer, because you blow everyone else out of the water with your beauty!

You’re better than the Summer Olympics, you were worth waiting a whole lifetime for.

Half pipe? Let me show you a full pipe, girl.

If we raced, I would let you win, so I could get a good view from the back

I’m going for the silver, because I’ll make sure you come first.

I’ve got the biggest torch in Rio and I’m looking for someone to blow it out

What do you say we get out of here and do some rhythmic gymnastics?

You must do hurdles, because it only took you seconds to jump into my heart.

I’ll take good care of your baton.

It doesn’t matter how you do in your competition, you’ll finish first after a night with me.

Are you an ice skater, cuz damn what a figure you’ve got!

I’m an Olympian, because I always go for gold in the bedroom!

Curling? More like curling up next to you in bed, am I right?

I won this gold medal, but I’d really like to win your heart.

Your legs must be tired because you’ve been speed skating through my mind all night.

Your Smile Shines Brighter Than a Gold Medal

The slopes aren’t the only thing I’m going down on tonight

People tell me I have a good breaststroke, but I’d say I’m a pretty good swimmer too.

I never have a false start.

Hey girl, you make my heart flutter kick.

Tonight you can be like America’s medal count… on the top!

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