Volleyball Pick Up Lines

On this list you will find the best Volleyball Pick Up Lines to use when approaching someone for the first time. Maybe you will find your sport-related Pick Up Line to use the next time at the bar.

Volleyball Pick Up Lines

Hey Girl! Can I touch you more than 3 times?

I may play short but I go deep.

Why set and spike when we could just bump uglies?

Are you a volleyball? Because I dig you.

I see you’re good at receiving balls. Wanna receive some tonight?

Those spandex really make your butt look better than usual.

Do you play volleyball? Because you look like your good on your knees.

If i was a volleyball. I’d let me hit you all day.

I like how you served that last ball, why don’t you serve up your number next?

Do you want to play volleyball, I have two balls you can play with.

Are you a tip? Because you’ve got me on my toes.

If you were a volleyball girl, I’d wear your shirt in the off season.

If you were a volleyball, I’d hit you hard from different positions.

I’m a good ball handler, what about you?

Are you a volleyball? Because I’d dive for you anytime.


Are you wearing SPF 150? Cause that was one serious block!

Hey girl, You can serve me underhand if you like.

Hey, you wanna pass with me?

I don’t think you have to warm up, because you’re already looking hot.

I’d get on my knee pads for you quickly.

Hey baby, If I serve my heart to you, would you get it?

Hey there number 2. Would you like to be my number 1.

I want to lock you in a room and watch you play beach volleyball.

Wow seeing you dive really turns me on.

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