Walking Dead Pick Up Lines

Walking Dead is one of the most successful TV shows and has a huge audience around the world. On this page we have compiled for you a list of the best Walking Dead Pick Up Lines to use when approaching someone new or a fan of the show.

Walking Dead Pick Up Lines

Damn, I’m now gonna have to rewrite my Zombie Plan to include you.

Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven? Or when you landed on that sharp stick? You should probably take that out, you know.

Hey girl, I’d love to eat your brains out

Do you have a little zombie in you? Would you like some?

Am I Daryl Dixon? Because I have an arrow and I’d like to penetrate you.

Hurry! Walkers are almost here, say you’ll go out with me!

Are you a Walker? Because you just walked away with my heart.

Are you a zombie? [no] Want some?

Are you into necrophilia?

I Chews Chews Chews You!

Hey, wanna Rigor my Mortis?

Are you Michonne’s cat? Because you are just too damn gorgeous!

Are you tired? Because you’ve been dragging your feet around my mind all day

Your beauty is eating away at my heart.

How many walkers will it take for me to kill until you have sex with me?

Hey. You look kinda cute with those twisted legs, torn off jaw and eye dangling on your cheek

Are those maggots in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

It is the end of the world. Let’s make love until we feel alive again.

I have no idea where Carl is, but I’m 100% sure that I want you.

I like my sex how I like to kill Walkers: quick and dirty


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